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TomeBound live on Kickstarter!

One of my best friends, Lothar Matt Bacher, has launched his first Kickstarter for his dueling cardgame, TomeBound! I had the privilege of being there from the ground up and to tell you how well thought out, addictive, and easy to play would be an understatement! Awesome art and design from Ghostbat John de Campos of Terrible Games!


TomeBound is a fast-paced, spell-slinging dueling game brought to you by Lothar Matt Bacher. Disrupt your foe with a deluge of wind and water, build and demolish with powerful earth spells, and reduce your enemy to ashes with an onslaught of fire and lightning. TomeBound is a game of planning, timing, clever counter play, and epic battle magic! Tomebound is a deckless deckbuilder that approaches the classic concept of dueling wizards from a totally new and unique perspective!

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