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One week left for TomeBound Kickstarter Campaign

Hey everyone, it's been two weeks since Heroes Con and I wanted to give you an update on life things, Taft, and beyond, but for now I'm going to give you a little update for TomeBound. This is one of my best friend's first crowd funding campaigns and I must say, I'm super proud of him and the card game he's created. There's one more week to go so please check it out and help us get our stretch goals! 

"We are 90% to our first stretch goal with just over a week left! Let's keep pushing and get everyone those alchemical components cards!"

"The alchemical components cards were initially part of another expansion being playtested for TomeBound, but the inclusion of them was so simple and so well received, I thought it would make the perfect stretch goal to add to the Kickstarter edition of the game."

Tune in for another update soon!

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