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Heroes Con 2024! Attaboy! Taft for sale!

My first convention of 2024! Frequent tablemate and best friend, Mike Riley, and I will be attending Heroes Con! If you're traveling or in the NC area, stop by Table 1624. Grab a hug, a handshake, and some books! Speaking of books--Taft Sturgeon: Holiday in the Stars will be available for purchase! And if you can't make, head over to the online store and get your copy today!

More book talk! Tony McMillen's Attaboy! I had the pleasure of meeting Tony last year at HeroesCon and we became fast friends! His book, Attaboy, tickled me in everyway possible. Kinetic, fast paced, existential dread, that classic heroes journey all wrapped up in a Mega Man aesthetic. I loved this book. I love this man. Head to your LCS for a copy or order it here!

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