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David Crispino Sci Fi Comics

David Crispino has been writing and self publishing comic books since 2012.  He began his journey into writing while managing the Baltimore based comic shop, Collectors Corner.
His first book, Blood and Time, is a horror western exploring the ramifications of a Frankenstein’s Monster within the old west, created with artist John Warren. Along with artist Matt Heuston, David told a tale of alien abduction, telekinesis and shadow agencies weaponizing the abductees in the title, Control. An exploration of absurd, dark humor with collaborator Mike Riley is on display in the Commuters collection and Smair with John de Campos. In 2015 David met Tony Gregori and through their collaborations, David’s body of work grew exponentially with such titles as The Adversary, Malediction of Maxwell Fitzsimmons, Taft Sturgeon, and their first mini-series, Ancient Noise.

When not writing, David creates patios, walls, and walkways out of natural stone. Many of his ideas have come to fruition while splitting endless cords of wood.

He enjoys playing the Commander format of Magic: the Gathering, role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars, and reading stacks and stacks of comics from his bedside pile. 

David resides in Baltimore with his partner and a house full of cats.


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