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We're in the throes of production this week and I'll tell yah, Rafer is a pal. A prince of patience with this ol' knuckle head. We're getting everything ironed out and ready for print. A little trim here, resize there, shift this and voila...a file. We also appreciate your patience as well. More news soon. 

Tony is hard at work on another release this Summer/Fall, but make sure to pick up Rick and Morty Super Spring Break Special, out now! Our pals James Asmus and Jim Festante are on the words duties while Tony is laying down those interiors.  

More Kickstarter love! Brian Level and Kurt Belcher are serving it up hot with this fresh bit of horror!

Strange and violent sorta-people known only as "Oddfellows" have besieged the small town of Mercurial. Unable to escape the chaotic place, several faithful citizens find themselves bound together and dedicated to chronicling and spreading knowledge of the weird and horrific events happening inside the city limits by way of a neighborhood newspaper that seems to be blessed. THE UNSLEEPING EYE, printed and compiled in a landlocked lighthouse at the edge of town. THE EYES distribute their paper to the people in hopes of staving off the evil that's made it's way to their town. Unnerving constructions, malevolent evangelists, and nightmare creatures of unknown origin are around every corner of Mercurial, and THE EYES intend on turning every one of those corners to learn the truth.  Join them.

Leila and Sarah just crushed all of their STRETCH GOALS! CONGRATS. They have 62 hours left. SO, HEAD OVER!

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