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Armageddonquest; Sacrimony; Taft Colors!

 Giving you the lowdown on some cool Kickstarter projects, plus an update on Taft Sturgeon: Holiday in the Stars!

First off, Taft is doing great. Taylor has lettered 199 pages and Guilherme has colored 119 pages so far! They're doing excellent work and really making the book sing! We couldn't be happier! Scroll down and have look at some colored pages!


Dave has had some ups and downs as well as some household repairs and day job responsibilities, but he's on his way to finishing the last 5-6 pages of the script with some dialogue tweaks courtesy of Jimmy George.

Tony has been tapped for some great monthly gigs and you'll be seeing him on the shelves soon, including this!

As far as Taft and Tony go, he's tightening up the inks and pencils on the last 15 pages! What a wild ride it's been and thank you all for helping make it possible!

Two Kickstarters I wanted to let you know about; just click on the images to access their campaigns.


Armageddonquest (or "AQ") is the b&w underground "comix" epic by the singular voice of writer/artist Ronald Russell Roach (or "3R") crafted between 1984 - 1992. It's the coming-of-age tale of the Antichrist, Tazio, but he's a reluctant one -  a nice kid who doesn't want to hurt anyone or bring about the end of the world. The rest of the world, however, wants him to be what they say he is, and fulfill a destiny preordained long before his birth.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a NSFW comic, but not in the usual way. Yes, there is nudity, but this isn't a T&A comic as we understand it in 2023. Armageddonquest lies somewhere between Golden Age Stan Lee, 80's manga, and Robert Crumb - it can read like an oddly family-friendly yarn, whimsical and carefree...until it isn't. Extreme violence, full frontal nudity, all the potty words known to mankind - it's all here! This first issue is relatively tame, but future issues get intense!

OOP since the late 90's, we're bringing AQ back to the masses, to finally give it the exposure it's long deserved. Plus: These new editions will finally be in AQ's orignal format, whichi s closer to 6x9 than the standard american comic size, which always left a significant amount of white space at the top and bottom of the page.



She has no memory of her past, and no idea why she now has demon wings that she needs to hide from society. Unfortunately, her mother, Yunika, is the only one with all the answers and she hasn't been terribly helpful. Instead of giving her daughter straight answers and explaining that Khajad will be killed on sight if anyone sees her wings, Yunika lies and makes excuses in order to avoid the subject entirely. 

Yunika is more focused on important things like fleeing the past as far as possible, trying to pretend like nothing weird happened and trying to have a normal life.

But c'mon, do you think their lives will ever be normal???


Till next time! Have a great week!

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