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Taft getting Inked. Nether Regions on Kickstarter.

Hey everyone,

Update on Taft! We've got the epilogue scripted and some thumbnails kicking around from Tony and me. Jimmy and Tony gave me some great notes for dialogue and we're just smoothing those edges a bit. The finish line is in sight! Here's a couple of inked pages!

Colors and letters soon to follow and off to the printer! We're going to give you the best darn sci-fi Christmas book this side of the Milky Way!

Here's a couple of inked pages!

Nether Regionz LIVE on Kickstarter!

The maniacal mind of Mike Riley has done it again! This time he's taking you back to 1998 to remind you of the 5E D&D and Fantasy Magazine, Nether Regionz! Time Dilation. "The year is 1998 -- the Euro came online, Will Smith apparently got jiggy, Furbies were flying off of the shelves, and the RPG world was poised to be turned on its ear with the introduction of Nether Regionz Sword & Planet Roleplaying Game's 3rd Edition. 

The official Nether Regionz Magazine was the number one source of information on the new game, and wouldn't you know it, we found a few cases of Issue #158 from March of 1998 in the back of the warehouse!"   

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