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Proofs! Ghost Arm! Refugium! The Unsleeping Eye

Hey everyone, a little behind on the updates. Had a pretty eventful week with Landscaping and was pretty pooped, which lead into Wrestlemania Weekend with a couple of my favorite gents, Jordan Clark and Mike Riley. What a great time! 

We've received the proofs from the printer and along with Rafer's keen eye, Tony and I gave the thumbs up and production has moved forward yet another step! 

Shipping soon! I'll be sending a link to backers with the digital release as soon as I ship the physical books! 

Some quick Kickstarter news with my fellow creators!

The Unsleeping Eye has 7 days left! It's fully funded but that doesn't mean you shouldn't head over and get your hands on this comic by Brian Level and Kurt Belcher! Brian was kind enough to let me have a looky at this book. A grotesque shift through liminal space. It takes to a violent and horrific small town where the forces of good and evil vie for the populace. 

A Ghost Arm Made of Angry Ghosts has relaunched with a new funding goal and some fantastic rewards. I was able to read this book in its many iterations while taking Shelly Bond's comics editing class and if your a fan of Vertigo books, this is a must.


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