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An intergalactic social worker goes on a 140 page cosmic Christmas odyssey!


The Christmas season is in full swing throughout the galaxy and Taft is back in this all-new holiday adventure. Taft Sturgeon: Holiday in the Stars isn’t your average “Christmas needs saving” story as Taft and friends chase down a sinister toy salesman, a conniving robotics tycoon, and an army of robotically engineered Taft-O-Trons.

When a black hole flings Taft to the intergalactic North Pole, can he get back in time to save his friends or will he become a permanent resident in Santa's workshop? Is it possible for Taft to overcome greed and exploitation with the power of goodwill and friendship? Buy this 140 page, full-color graphic novel to find out!  

Taft Sturgeon: Holiday in the Stars

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