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Mail call! Tooth Fall. Need...ya'll?

I took advantage of a nice rain day last week and stuffed a bunch of Taft in the mail! Some of you have gotten your packages and some of you I've delivered personally. For those who've received their books, give us a shout out on the social media and put your favorite podcasters and reviewers our way. We'd love to talk about the book!

Now for some sad news... My tooth finally gave up and I needed to have it extracted. I'm saving for an implant and as many of you may know, most of these non-life threatening procedures aren't covered by insurance. So if you or someone you know needs more of our books, make sure to send them to Holiday in the Stars is up in so digital and print formats for purchase!

Also if you're in the Maryland area...maybe you need some landscaping done? So let's talk about that project you wanted to get done!

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